Palm Beach Gets Gifty

We were planning to run a little “Twelve Days of Palm Beach Christmas” series. But it’s already the 19th. Oops.

So you get a handful of sweet, island-y presents all in one giant pink-and-green gift bag! Here’s what we imagine under the perfect Palm Beach tree:

Hands-Free on Worth Avenue

Check out what we noticed on our walk yesterday... the western face of the Worth Avenue Clock Tower is missing its hands.

We had to know why. Here's what our research turned up: According to the Shiny Sheet, some punctual person noticed that particular clock had been losing time. When the Verdin clock specialist investigated, he found a problem with the clock's gears.

Parts have been ordered and the clock will be working again as soon as possible.

Very good. We hate to miss even a minute of beach time.

Suit Up, Pup!

Worth Avenue’s 23rd Annual Pet Parade and Contest is dominated, as you’d expect, by dogs. Tiny dogs with top hats. Medium-sized dogs with mohawks. Large dogs wearing Burberry.

The competition is both fun and fierce. Which makes it even more hilarious to learn that one of last year’s winners was a pig named Mona Lisa.

That’s right. Not a pug. A pig, a black-and-white porker dressed in a pink tutu. Which makes us wonder what we’ll see this year.