Refresh in Palm Beach

I have created a mood, combining the sculptures with the trees, planting and birds, water also helps…I hope that visitors, even those from far away, will find this sculpture-nature garden a deep refreshing.” Ann Weaver Norton

Trivia Tuesday: Recipe for Rum Runners

Do you know where “Hypocrite’s Row” was located in Palm Beach? Hint: If you read the Palm Beach Daily News a few weeks back, you may have read about it in the Florida Time column.

  1. Royal Palm Way
  2. Royal Poinciana Hotel
  3. Cocoanut Row
  4. Palm Beach Historic Inn

If you know your Prohibition Era (1920 - 1933) history, then you may know that Florida did very little to adhere to the federal ban on alcohol. After all, the tourists were thirsty and we had the perfect recipe for some rum runners.

Trivia Tuesday: Birds of a Feather

South Florida’s vibrant and diverse ecosystem provides abundant opportunities for bird watching. How many species of birds have been located in Palm Beach County?

1) At least 150

2) Over 380

3) About 220

4) Around 515

Bird-watchers’ delight! If you guessed #2, you are correct. According to Vicki Rogerson, education chair for the Audubon Society of the Everglades, there have been more than 380 species of birds documented in our county alone.

Oh Baby! We're a Beach Nursery

Since it is sea turtle nesting season and we love sea turtles, here is another fun bit of trivia. We’ve already mentioned that Palm Beach County has more sea turtle nests per mile of beach than anywhere else in the United States. Mama turtles love us! Do you know how many babies hatch from those nests each year?

Quarantunes - More Global Travels

As we post our virtual experiences highlighting local arts and culture, we were once more sucked into a global tour. By happenstance, while scrolling through our Facebook feed, we came upon a dear friend’s #quarantune post. And then we were hooked - listening to live musical performances around the world. Each post, tagged #quarantune, is from a musician playing to lift the spirits of a homebound world. Here are the ones we enjoyed on our travels - some of the songs may have had us dancing a jig!