Trivia Tuesday: A Haunted History

As the legends tell, Palm Beach isn’t all pastel pink, with a cocktail by the pool. It has its share of playful poltergeists and spooky spirit sightings too. We think this is a fantastically frightful time to test your knowledge.

Which of the following locations in Palm Beach is not reported to be haunted by ghosts of residents past?

Trivia Tuesday: Seeing Stars in Palm Beach

In the silent film era of the 1910s, the fledgling Palm Beach became a destination for filmmakers with its glamourous, lavish lifestyle. Silent movie stars were here for visits, the first movie theater opened on the island, and society folks hired movie makers to record their private parties. Then came the first silent movie with a written, fictional script and made up entirely of those same society folks of Palm Beach. Do you know the name of that movie?

Trivia Tuesday: Iconic Worth Avenue

Iconic Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is synonymous with luxury. Many designer brands have gained their fame thanks to this upscale shopping district. Do you know the year of its inception?

  1. 1904
  2. 1913
  3. 1918
  4. 1922

If you selected #3, it’s time to treat yourself to a shopping trip! The street was named in 1913, but Paris Singer and Addison Mizner didn’t begin construction on the first building until 1918. By the 1920s, its reputation for high-quality merchandise and luxury brands was established. And the rest is "worth-y" history!

Trivia Tuesday: Pioneering Palm Beach

Can you guess the identity of Bessie B.?

  1. Wife of Palm Beach Pioneer, E.M. Brelsford
  2. Boat of Palm Beach Pioneer, E.M. Brelsford
  3. Mother of Palm Beach Pioneer, E.M. Brelsford
  4. Mule of Palm Beach Pioneer, E.M. Brelsford

If you guessed #2 Boat, you properly navigated today’s test. E.M. Brelsford and his brother arrived in Palm Beach in 1880, when it was wilderness and swamp. He settled lakeside on the island and proceeded to establish many firsts for the burgeoning town.

First general store - check.

Trivia Tuesday: Love Affair with Disaster

Do you know which society dame managed to escape not one but two major disasters in the early 1920s (one right here in Palm Beach)?

  1. Zelda Fitzgerald
  2. Madeleine Astor
  3. Margaret Tobin Brown
  4. Lady Countess Rothes

The correct answer is Margaret Tobin Brown. A survivor of the 1912 Titanic sinking, she was in Palm Beach staying at The Breakers when the 1925 fire consumed the entire massive hotel as well as another one nearby.