Trivia Tuesday: Teed Off

Aptly named Florida’s Golf Capital®, Palm Beach County is home to more golf courses than any other county in the U.S. Can you guess how many golf courses you can choose from here?

A) 350

B) 38

C) 160

D) 86

The correct answer is "C". Boasting over 160 golf courses, many designed by the game’s top architects, you’ll find 160 new reasons to visit or make your home here in Palm Beach.

Photo Robert Stevens for PBBOR

Trivia Tuesday: Palm Beach Beach Babies

You may already know that Palm Beach County has more sea turtle nests per mile of beach than anywhere else in the U.S. Mama turtles love us! Do you know how many babies hatch from those nests each year?

1) 1,000,000

2) 500,000

3) 2,000,000

4) 5,000,000

If you chose #3, you knew that a whopping 2,000,000 hatchlings are estimated to hatch from the turtle nests each season.

Trivia Tuesday: Going to the Birds

South Florida's vibrant and diverse ecosystem provides abundant opportunities for bird watching. How many species of birds have been located in Palm Beach County?

1) At least 150

2) Over 380

3) About 220

4) Around 515

Bird-watchers’ delight! If you guessed #2, you are in correct. According to Vicki Rogerson, education chair for the Audubon Society of the Everglades, there have been more than 380 species of birds documented in our county alone.

Trivia Tuesday: Lots of Room to Roam

Did you know just how big Palm Beach County is? Which two statements are true

  1. It’s the largest county in the continental U.S.
  2. It’s the largest county east of the Mississippi River.
  3. It’s larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island.
  4. It’s the largest county in Florida. 

If you chose #3 & 4, you know your local geography! Including Lake Okeechobee, our county is over 2,000 square miles in area. No wonder we have so much room to roam and explore!

Trivia Tuesday: An 'A' for Effort

It’s Back-to-School time around the country and the Palm Beaches are no exception. Can you guess how many children attend public school in our county?

  1. 75,000
  2. 310,000
  3. 104,000
  4. 197,000

If you selected #4, you get an ‘A’ for more than effort! (Actually more than 197,000 students attend the district’s public schools along with the non-district Charter Schools) A few more numbers according to the School District of Palm Beach County website:

Trivia Tuesday: No Cold Shoulder from Palm Beach

Palm Beach has seen a month of record-setting high temperatures, the past four weeks bringing only 5 days under 90℉. The average high has been 92℉, with seven days of 95℉ +!

With that in mind, we are dreaming of ways to cool down and maybe jump ahead to our “winter”. Our average winter temperature is a comfortable 74℉ degrees; we wouldn’t dream of giving our visitors the cold shoulder! In fact, we have a snowball’s chance in Hades of seeing snow here in Palm Beach County. When was the last time that South Florida did see snowflakes fall?