Trivia Tuesday: Lovely in Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer’s colorful and iconic brand will forever be associated with our Palm Beach lifestyle. The bright tropical prints pair perfectly with island life. Do you know why Pulitzer designed her line of clothing in her signature bright patterns?


1) Upon request of friend, Jackie Kennedy

2) To disguise citrus stains on clothing

3) To join the flower power movement


The Divine Miss Thing

There are bunnies on Worth Avenue.

Well, one bunny. Miss Thing. A pure white marvel of a creature, with perfect eyeliner and a prime view.

Miss T was visiting Sequin, the high-end costume/contemporary jewelry store (219 Worth) owned by her human, Kim Renk. Every spring, Kim’s bunnies visit the shop to call attention to the dangers of giving rabbits as Easter gifts.

Happy Birthday to Me. Love, Lilly

Happy birthday, dear Lilly...

Earlier this month, Southwest Airlines and the team at Lilly Pulitzer partnered to celebrate what would have been Lilly's 85th birthday. At Gate A3 in Baltimore, Palm Beach-bound passengers listened to music, nibbled coconut macaroons and watched one of Lilly's artists creating a print before their eyes.

It got better. While boarding, in flight and upon arrival, passengers got gifts. Lots of gifts: