Octopi, Rays and Eels, Oh My!

Where can you see all these fascinating sea creatures and more in just 8 feet of water, you ask? Right here in beautiful Palm Beach County. Just up the road from Palm Beach is a snorkeler’s gem called the Phil Foster Park Snorkeling Trail. The waters under the Phil Foster Bridge are amazingly clear. Although you can scuba dive the two-acre man-made reef, it was designed in 6-10 feet of water to be enjoyed by snorkelers.

Trivia Tuesday: Artificial Intelligence

Let's gauge your artificial intelligence today. How many artificial reefs are deployed each year in Florida waters?

A) 10-20

B) 70-100

C) 50-60

D) Less than 10

If you chose B, you are correctamundo! Using a combination of state, federal, local and private funding, our state creates up to 100 new artificial reefs in local waters each year. Using limestone, concrete, shipwrecks and other industrial materials, new habitats are thoughtfully designed to nurture local sea life.

Rolls Reef

Seeing a Rolls Royce in Palm Beach is common.

Seeing a Rolls Royce parked 80 feet below the surface of the ocean? That doesn’t happen in just anyone’s backyard.

Part of a local dive site called The Eidsvag Triangle, a mile east of Palm Beach Inlet, the 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was sunk off in the mid-80s. Its owner (hairdresser to the stars Greg Hauptner) hoped to inspire the creation of more artificial reefs off our shoreline, and succeeded – today, there are well over 100.