Drawing on a Whim and a Dream

Palm Beach resident Joan Eiley knows a little about drawing on a whim and a dream. Her first art exhibition just closed at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. If you had the chance to visit, you would be “drawn” into her art too. Her 14 x 17 brush pen and ink drawings make you linger so that you can absorb every detail. Obsessed with minutiae, one drawing may take up to two weeks to create.

A Man for All Seasons

What does a beloved prime minister and fighter of fascism do to alleviate stress, you might wonder? Well, if you are Winston Churchill, perhaps you take up painting. At the age of 40, Churchill took up the hobby, favoring landscapes and other outdoor scenes. He saw it as a way to bring color and hope to the depression from which he suffered and nicknamed his “black dog.”

The Painter's Passion

Palm Beach real estate broker Lawrence Moens (see many of his listing on the Featured Properties section on our home page) knows art. He’s a noted collector, and so it was with a seasoned eye that he encouraged his 80-year-old father to pick up a brush and start painting.

Explore the Row

Imagine: Dixie Highway is closed to vehicles, so you can freely wander the five venerable blocks of West Palm Beach’s antiques district.

Nice? Nice.

Put it on your weekend fun list. Saturday, March 4 from 6-9 p.m., it’s Evening on Antique Row, the signature fundraising event benefitting the Historical Society of Palm Beach County. Visitors can explore the area’s unique shops, which feature 17th– to 20th-century antiques, decorative arts, fine art, and design services.

The Art of Sound and Music

Go, right now, to the Holden Luntz Gallery at the southwest end of Worth Avenue, just next to the Everglades Club.

What you’ll find surpasses art, surpasses photography, surpasses dance and transcends to the altitude of angels, still images that somehow capture sound, movement, costume and performance.

Palm Beach Chic

Palm Beach homes, Palm Beach gardens and Palm Beach life, written by a Palm Beach girl – someone with stories to share and the kind of access you only get when you’re a lifelong friend.

The book is Palm Beach Chic (The Vendome Press, 312 pages, $75), a gorgeous volume that’s witty, understated and urbane – much like Palm Beach itself.