White twinkle lights on palm trees in front of white bungalow with white picket fence
So many things, big and small, make our island home special. Here are just a few of the things we love about Palm Beach. #10 - Palm Trees & Twinkle Lights: no holiday needed to feel festive #9 - Meandering...
Aerial view of Palm Beach island with ocean, beach and intracoastal waterway
Did you know just how big Palm Beach County is? Which two statements are true It’s the largest county in the continental U.S. It’s the largest county east of the Mississippi River. It’s larger than the states of...
Golden sky reflects on water at shore of mangrove trees
Can you guess how many unique ecosystems (geographic areas where plants & animals work together in a unique “neighborhood”) can be found in Palm Beach County? 2 9 7 12 If you chose 9, you know your Palm...