Worth Avenue’s Olympic Connection

Worth Avenue’s Olympic Connection

Wait. Wasn’t that…?

It was. During last week’s Parade of Nations at the Rio Olympic Games, the Cayman Islands delegation was dressed head-to-toe in breezy linen from Island Company.

he women wore the indigo-and-white Albany Shift Dress ($185), a cool and crisp classic. We visited Island Company’s Worth Avenue store* yesterday, and yes… the dress is in stock, in all sizes. Then we began browsing and caught glimpses of the pattern all over the shop: The Coronado Top ($135) and the Mandarin Beach Tunic ($145). Boardshorts ($85). Even a Beach Sheet ($65), which looks like a lovely piece of real estate.

The male Olympians wore the Seal Linen Pilot Shirt ($145) and the Camel Beachcomber Pants ($145); both outfits were a nod to the island nation’s casual style. The choice was a hit all over the world. In Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald put the Cayman Islands athletes on its best-dressed list: “With their unassuming straw hats and little cotton dresses, they look like they’re on holiday.”

A working vacation, to be sure.

All the looks are available online or in stores (Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Naples and – aha – Grand Cayman).

*Your nose needs to shop here. The store smells amazing. Manager Danny says it’s all down to the candles.