Welcome Back, Norton. It’s Good to See You.

The Norton’s back!

Well, almost. The Norton Museum of Art closed its doors at the end of May so it could make progress on its major construction project, a $100,000 expansion that will take at least two more years and emerge looking like the architectural rendering above.

And in a lovely “pardon our dust” gesture, museum admission will be free from the July 5 reopening through December of 2018.

When the doors open again next Tuesday, expect one of the highlights to be the installation of Giverny: Journal of an Unseen Garden by Brooklyn’s Mark Fox.

Fox spent months living and working on the Giverny grounds. Hoping to capture the landscape in a new and fresh way, he experimented with underwater photography in Monet's favorite lily pond.

The resulting videos mark shifts of light and season much as Monet did with his brush. Fox notes that while his works expose unseen elements of the garden, they retain an “oddly familiar” and almost impressionistic quality. The exhibit will be on display through October.

Other summer programming includes the Art After Dark series, the weekend Family Studio, and the Curator’s Conversation. Visit the website for more information, or call 561-832-5196.