Trivia Tuesday: Who's the Grandest?

postcard of historic pink mansion with palm trees

Last week, one of our Instagram posts @palmbeachboard was all about Mediterranean Revival architecture. Popularized around 1920 in Palm Beach by Addison Mizner, this style incorporates a variety of Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic/Andalusian elements and includes both the interior design and gardens into the home’s architecture. Can you name one of the grandest examples of the Mediterranean Revival style in Palm Beach?

  1. Everglades Club
  2. Breakers Hotel
  3. El Castillo
  4. Warden House
  5. Casa de Leone

You can’t fail this quiz! All of these structures are great examples of the Med Rev style. But the grandest in scale, the Breakers Hotel. 

Postcard of El Mirasol Palm Beach Florida Public Domain

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