Trivia Tuesday: Super Hero of the Sea

Exposed oyster reef above water line at edge of marshland

You may have heard that oysters have powers in the realm of love (which might actually be an old wives' tale). Can you guess what real super power these sea invertebrates possess?

1) Clean the water

2) Fight rising sea levels

3) High in vitamin B12

4) Reduce acidity of the ocean

If you selected #1 and #2, you win the prize! One oyster filters an average of 50 gallons of water each day. A healthy one-acre reef of oysters cleans around the size of 36 Olympic swimming pools or roughly 24 million gallons daily.

Because oysters cluster together to form reef structures, they can be an effective natural breakwater against storms and rising sea levels, absorbing anywhere between 76-93 percent of wave energy.

So next time you are enjoying this briny delicacy, you’ll have a few facts to share with your dinner companions!

Photo courtesy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters (Oyster reefs Uploaded by Dolovis) Public domain

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