Trivia Tuesday: Peanuts in Palm Beach

Harbor with cargo and ship with islands and ocean in background

Peanut Island, formed by sand dug up in the Intracoastal Waterway in 1918, has grown up over the years. Originally ten acres, it has since expanded to around 80 acres through subsequent dredgings of the waterway. It wasn’t always called Peanut Island though. Do you know the original name?

  1. Flagler Island
  2. Inlet Island
  3. Port Island
  4. Worth Island

If you chose Inlet Island, you know your local history! It was renamed Peanut Island when Schwano Plantation leased it to use as a peanut oil terminal. Unfortunately, the business didn’t succeed (maybe it paid peanuts!), but the name did.

Lake Worth Inlet Harbor at Palm Beach Florida by jaxstrong on

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