Trivia Tuesday: Palm Beach Recipe for Rum Runners

Black and white photo of family in front of massive white Victorian era hotel

Do you know where “Hypocrite’s Row” was located in Palm Beach?

  1. Royal Palm Way
  2. Royal Poinciana Hotel
  3. Cocoanut Row
  4. Palm Beach Historic Inn

If you know your Prohibition Era (1920 - 1933) history, then you may know that Florida did very little to adhere to the federal ban on alcohol. After all, the tourists were thirsty and we had the perfect recipe for rum runners to seize the opportunity.

Fill a tall glass of sandy beaches (our hundreds of miles are perfect at night) to the max with rum-running boats  and stir in a generous bribe for local officials to look the other way.Garnish with Palm Beach hotels that were more than happy to stir in extra dough for the illegal Bahamian liquor and voila! They fine-tuned the recipe with secret entries to dining rooms and bars for their eager guests.

“Hypocrite’s Row” was once such secret hallway that led to a hidden bar at the Royal Poinciana Hotel.

Bloyd family at the Royal Poinciana Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida 1929 courtesy State Archives of Florida

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