Trivia Tuesday: Palm Beach Beach Babies

Turtle tracks in sand and flat ocean at sunrise

You may already know that Palm Beach County has more sea turtle nests per mile of beach than anywhere else in the U.S. Mama turtles love us! Do you know how many babies hatch from those nests each year?

1) 1,000,000

2) 500,000

3) 2,000,000

4) 5,000,000

If you chose #3, you knew that a whopping 2,000,000 hatchlings are estimated to hatch from the turtle nests each season.

Wow! These baby turtles have an arduous journey as they dig their way out of the sand nest. That is why it is critical that we keep the lights off, debris and garbage cleared, and don’t touch the hatchlings on the way to the water. But…

…do call FWC or bring weak or disoriented babies to Loggerhead Marinelife Center for rehabilitation. They have a 24-hour drop off cooler at 14200 US Hwy One in Juno.

Photo Turtle Tracks Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

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