Trivia Tuesday: Hamburger Heaven

Carnival sign featured deep fried foods at state fair

You may already know that Palm Beach has its share of gourmet gatherings for the true gastronomist. But sometimes a little carnival food is good for the soul (if not the waistline!) The South Florida Fair may have left town until next year, but we are nonetheless fascinated with the shear numbers of food stuffs consumed over the course of the 17-day run.

How many hamburgers are served on average each year?

A) 25,000

B) 12,500

C) 8,500

D) 35,000

If you guessed (B) 12,500, you would be correct…or maybe you secrely helped contribute to that number! A few other interesting facts - the half million visitors each year also consume around 800 gallons of ice cream, 6,750 cobs of corn, and 8,000 soft pretzels (this writer’s personal favorite).

Photo Florida State Fair 2013 Deep Fried Fair Food by Kathy licensed CC BY 2.0

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