Trivia Tuesday: Going to the Birds

bright pink bird landing in a pond

South Florida's vibrant and diverse ecosystem provides abundant opportunities for bird watching. How many species of birds have been located in Palm Beach County?

1) At least 150

2) Over 380

3) About 220

4) Around 515

Bird-watchers’ delight! If you guessed #2, you are in correct. According to Vicki Rogerson, education chair for the Audubon Society of the Everglades, there have been more than 380 species of birds documented in our county alone.

Thanks to a robust natural area system, you don’t have to go far to spot one. We have over 31,000 acres of conservation lands that encompass all of our unique ecosystems from the coast to the interior of the county.

Roseate spoonbill  Kevin Kelly @saltonmylens

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