Trivia Tuesday: An 'A' for Effort

Colored pencils and other school supplies on gray wood table

It’s Back-to-School time around the country and the Palm Beaches are no exception. Can you guess how many children attend public school in our county?

  1. 75,000
  2. 310,000
  3. 104,000
  4. 197,000

If you selected #4, you get an ‘A’ for more than effort! (Actually more than 197,000 students attend the district’s public schools along with the non-district Charter Schools) A few more numbers according to the School District of Palm Beach County website:

  • tenth largest district in the U.S.
  • fifth largest district in Florida
  • Students speak 146 languages and dialects
  • largest employer in Palm Beach County with 22,600 employees, including more than 12,900 teachers

There are also about 110 private schools in the county educating  children residing in our area.

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