Trivia Tuesday: Dreaming of a White Winter?

It’s been a steamy tropical summer - the thermometer has only dipped below 90 three times this month and the heat index has made it feel closer to 100. With that in mind, many of us may be dreaming of cooler weather and maybe even some snow.

With an average winter temperature of around 74 degrees, we have a snowball’s chance in Hades of seeing snow here in Palm Beach County. But it has happened. So, when was the last time that South Florida did see snowflakes fall?

1) 1914

2) 1977

3) 2001

4) 1946

If you guessed 1977, you would be right! The cold wave of January 1977 produced the only snow ever reported in South Florida, falling as far south as Homestead. Amazed people, many having never seen snow, came out of their homes and stopped their cars to witness the snow flurries. Here in Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach saw a record low temperature of 27 degrees Fahrenheit during that cold snap. Brrrr!

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