Trivia Tuesday: All in the (Palm Beach Pioneer) Family

Exterior of 1890s Palm Beach Florida home

Duck’s Nest, the second-oldest residence in Palm Beach, had been in the news lately. In 2018, the decrepit 1891 home was purchased and passionately preserved and restored to its Victorian charm. It recently won an award from the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.

In addition to its age, it holds another distinction. Do you know what it is?

  1. It was originally three different structures
  2. It was originally transported from Pennsylvania
  3. It is the oldest house owned and occupied by the same family
  4. It was the summer residence of a president

The correct answer is #3 - Pioneer Henry Maddock built the home; his descendants have owned the home and lived there continuously prior to its sale.

The other facts are not far off though - it was originally two separate cottages which were transported by barge and train from New York. It was Florida Governor Claude Kirk was spent a summer there in the 1960s.

Photo courtesy Palm Beach Social Diary

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