Sea-ing Life Clearly

Neon aqua and yellow striped fish swim around ocean wreck

Sea-ing life clearly is easy when you are in Palm Beach. Our 47-miles of coastline are crystal clear, warm and teeming with sea life. The Atlantic Ocean is wide open with opportunities at beach parks up and down the coast. Investigate tidal pools, snorkel in the shallows, or dive the many reefs and wrecks just off the coast.

Curious where all this diverse life was photographed? Spend some time at Phil Foster Park (AKA Blue Heron Bridge) in the intracoastal’s calmer waters where even kids can easily snorkel and “sea” all sorts of marine creatures. There is a snorkel trail and wrecks to dive. It is a favorite location for local photographer and diver, Shawn D. Moss, who kindly shared his incredible work for this post.

Photos courtesy Shawn D. Moss Photography

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