Rolls Reef

Bikini-clad diver stands beside a submerged Rolls Royce

Seeing a Rolls Royce in Palm Beach is common.

Seeing a Rolls Royce parked 80 feet below the surface of the ocean? That doesn’t happen in just anyone’s backyard.

Part of a local dive site called The Eidsvag Triangle, a mile east of Palm Beach Inlet, the 1967 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was sunk off in the mid-80s. Its owner (hairdresser to the stars Greg Hauptner) hoped to inspire the creation of more artificial reefs off our shoreline, and succeeded – today, there are well over 100.

The car hasn’t fared so well. By 1987, the Associated Press reported, it had been stripped of its winged hood ornament, its hubcaps, and virtually everything else of value. But Discover the Palm Beaches maintains that the frame is still distinguishable, even after years of looting and tides.

Who wants to go check it out?

Photo copyright J.D. Duff, courtesy of Discover the Palm Beaches

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