Paws for a Cause

Purple and blue abstract paw art with photo of gray fox

Would you consider it impressionist, modern or abstract? We aren’t sure, but we love it! While on a journey through Instagram, in search of our next virtual adventure, we happened upon Busch Wildlife Sanctuary’s post. It featured an adorable opossum, Tiana, whose paws and whiskers were covered in fluorescent orange and pink paint. Intrigued, the investigation commenced!

We headed over to their website and visited the gift shop. The little possum’s art wasn’t up for sale yet, but that didn’t stop us from scrolling through over a dozen other pieces of art. Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this art. In fact, the activity of “painting” is known to enrich their lives, with their handlers’ using non-toxic paints and positive reinforcement to assist them.

Just two days before Mother’s Day, the artwork was going quickly. In fact, our first two choices were already spoken for. But we are proud to say we now own an original masterpiece, shown in the photo. Our 5 x 7 canvas reminds us of pansies in the garden. We are told that our artist, Brett the Gray Fox, loves to paint and it is apparent. Just look at the choices of colors and composition. Just amazing!

For more information about Busch Wildlife Sanctuary and to view their selection of Paws for a Cause paintings, click here. All proceeds from the art go directly to the animals in their care. And enjoy this video of a resident panther painting!

Photo by Brett the Gray Fox courtesy Busch Wildlife Sanctuary


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