Palm Beach Poetry Festival

Palm Beach Poetry Festival

We don’t often steer you over the bridge and all the way down to Delray Beach. But you’ll want to block out the week of January 16-21 for Palm Beach Poetry Festival in the Crest Theater at Old School Square.

Imagine it – six days of readings, manuscript conferences, panel discussions, and social events. In between workshops, stroll along Atlantic Avenue, have lunch in an outdoor café, and gather your thoughts for an afternoon talk on the craft of poetry. We’re posting a few weeks in advance, so you can register before the workshops fill up. This year’s special guest is Pulitzer Prize winner and former U.S. Poet Laureate Charles Simic.

Of particular note this season:

  • Poetry Inside Out (David Baker): A line-by-line discussion of participants poems from each of three categories: self-focused, “other”-focused; and nature-focused.
  • Wait… Let Me Rephrase This (Laure-Anne Bosselaar): The tricky business of revising your work without help of a group or mentor.
  • Obsessional Poetics / No One Writes Just One Poem (Lynn Emanuel): Consciously or not, our poems tend to show some form of repetition, whether it’s the return to a topic or the construction we employ. In this workshop, participants will mine those “obsessions” with the goal of producing related work.

This year’s festival also includes optional one-on-one conferences, where faculty members grant additional focus on your writing with one-hour conferences to review up to ten pages of your verse.

Visit the website to learn more about the schedule of events, workshops and tickets.

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