The Divine Miss Thing

Miss Thing is a pure white domestic rabbit with kohl-black around the eyes

There are bunnies on Worth Avenue.

Well, one bunny. Miss Thing. A pure white marvel of a creature, with perfect eyeliner and a prime view.

Miss T was visiting Sequin, the high-end costume/contemporary jewelry store (219 Worth) owned by her human, Kim Renk. Every spring, Kim’s bunnies visit the shop to call attention to the dangers of giving rabbits as Easter gifts.

Bringing a rabbit into the family should be a thoughtful action, not a whim. Kate Jenkins, manager of Sequin’s Florida stores, explains: “[A rabbit] is not a toy. A rabbit is a living, breathing thing that needs care.” Many Eastertime bunnies are neglected or abandoned to the wild, where they stand no chance of survival.

Passionate about rabbits, Kim Renk has a half-dozen rescues in her New York City home and a rabbit sanctuary in Rhode Island. The store supports a number of charities, many animal-related, but this time of year the focus is on Luv-A-Bun Rabbit Rescue and the House Rabbit Society.

Since she wears white, Miss Thing could have taken her pick of the store’s enameled bangles (arranged in color groups juuu-u-u-st out of reach of her storefront warren), statement necklaces or semi-precious strands, with price points ranging from $25-$1,000. The company not only operates its own stores, but designs and manufactures pieces for (among others) Lilly PulitzerBadgely MischkaCarolina Herrera Runway, and Vera Bradley.

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