Fountain pool with pumpkin patch, hay bales and palm trees in background
Where else but Palm Beach? It’s a pop-up party - kids can play and parents can shop (some stores will be offering discounts and/or donating to the cause. There will also be music and a costume contest for adults, kids...
straw beach hat embroidered with "sunshine" on white leather couch
It’s Mad Hatter Day! Did you know in the 8th century, hat-making included a process called “carroting”, which included a chemical that made the hatters crazy mad? What chemical poisoned some of these ancient milliners...
Large abstract metal & brick sculptures in a grassy opening of palms and shrubbery
For us, Palm Beach Season begins not with the galas and fundraisers, but with the seasonal re-opening of one of our favorite cultural gems! The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is reopening today to our delight. An early...