cover of book in red, black and white and black man in leather coat
What’s black and white and read together? It’s the “Read Together Palm Beach County” 2020 book selection, The Nickel Boys. The author, Colson Whitehead, has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction twice in four years, in...
Cotton candy pink clouds in blue sky at sunset
Happy Autumn! The Autumnal Equinox signifies the first day of fall. Did you know that all across the earth today will receive an equal amount of daylight and darkness? Exactly how "cold" does Palm Beach get in September...
Mom and toddler walk along flower lined street of shops
Iconic Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is synonymous with luxury. Many designer brands have gained their fame thanks to this upscale shopping district. Do you know the year of its inception? 1904 1913 1918 1922 If...