Black and white photo of 1920s hotel lounge with arched windows and painted ceilings
Which famous Grand Ballroom in Palm Beach was designed as a smaller replica of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles? The Breakers Palm Beach The Everglades Club Whitehall (Henry Flagler Museum) Mar-a-Lago It was...
White horse with rider jumps obstacle in equestrian competition
Snowbirds and vacationers descend like migratory birds on Palm Beach every winter. Destination - beach! But not everyone is heading for the coastline. Due west about 30 minutes, there’s that horsey community of...
1920s swimmers stand in front of Safety Sign on beach
Do you know who founded Cowboys-of-the-Sea, a Palm Beach group whose members all had helped save someone from drowning? Peter G. “Gus” Jordahn Henry Burkhardt Belle Dimick Enos Franklin Sheen The correct answer...