Nesting white wood storks with gray heads in tree
Earlier this month, 52 fourth- and seventh-graders from Sacred Heart School in Lake Worth took a trip to the Everglades. But this wasn’t just your average field trip. The outing to Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee...
Book cover of private garden in Palm Beach features pond with coral stair case, arched hedges and red tile roofed home in background
Have you ever wondered what lies beyond those tall walls and hedges so prevalent around the island of Palm Beach and other luxury enclaves? Planted and constructed to purposefully maintain their occupants’ privacy, most...
Black and white photo of woman in long white dress sitting at an early 1900's telephone switchboard
What year was telephone service established on the island of Palm Beach? A) 1896 B) 1907 C) 1911 D) 1925 The correct answer is B. Palm Beach was modernized in 1907, when a total of 18 phones were brought into...