Endangered tiger lounges on top of home in Palm Beach Zoo
We’re a few days late sharing this with you, but there’s still plenty of time to make art with MOSAIC. The month of May has been set aside to celebrate art and culture around Palm Beach County. Presented by Discover The...
Model wearing bella tu cap sleeved shift dress in turquoise pattern stands at ocean's edge on a stormy day
Jeanne Daniel is in Mumbai designing the newest collection for her fashion company, bella tu. Daniel, a Palm Beach resident, visited India with her husband in 2006; that trip led to a love affair with the country and an...
Endangered Florida Manatee swimming in shallow water
And we love manatees! The Florida manatee (AKA sea cow) is a plant-munching mammal that frequents Palm Beach County waters year-round. They especially like to visit in large numbers during the cold winter months when...