White Art Deco Facade of Robert M. Montgomery Jr. Building in downtown Lake Worth Florida
The art scene is flourishing in Palm Beach County, due in part to the largesse and vision of local businessman Alexander Dreyfoos. His passion for art and culture has guided us since the 70’s when he founded the...
Exposed oyster reef above water line at edge of marshland
You may have heard that oysters have powers in the realm of love (which might actually be an old wives' tale). Can you guess what real super power these sea invertebrates possess? 1) Clean the water 2) Fight rising...
Recipients of 2018 Lesly S. Smith Landscape Award Tim Johnson and Fernando Wong with Lesly S. Smith
It’s that time of year when I seem to be drawn to anything about gardening and green spaces. Maybe it’s a way of grasping at straws before the summer heat and humidity fully arrive and the summer sun scorches my garden’...