Monsieur Maurice Amiel proprietor of The French Wine Merchant in Palm Beach holds glass of wine in his store
The French Wine Merchant in Palm Beach has wine tastings and then they have WINE tastings. What’s the difference, you may wonder? VIP, intimate groups and exclusive wines come to mind. Every other Friday from 6 - 8 p.m...
Entryway and towers of historic The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach Florida
Prior to installing air conditioning, the famous Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach closed down every summer from mid-April until mid-December. Do you know in what year they began staying open year-round? 1929 1943 1962...
Handmade baby pillows with iconic Pat the Bunny motif with copy of Pat the Bunny childrens' book
Artistic creativity comes in all types of forms; Abby Kunhardt Zinn comes from a broadly talented and creative family. Her father, Peter Kunhardt, is a six-time Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker. All three...