Palm Beach Panache, Please
Here’s an interesting approach to achieving iconic interiors – Palm Beach Panache: Infusing Island Style with Serendipitous and Re-Imagined Finds (179 pages, Decorativa Press, $49.95). Author Carolina Fernandez worked...
Have You Stopped by the Mounts Lately?
It’s the end of summer. Season hasn’t started, and we’re all looking for a diversion. Mounts Botanical Garden (559 N. Military Trail, West Palm Beach) has plenty of them to take us all the way through fall. Stop by for...
Pass the Pickle(ball)
We admit, we didn't know much about pickleball, but people really seem to like it and now you can play it on Palm Beach. Being the public servants that we are, we found out a little more for you: What on earth is it...