Collage of four yellow, black or orange butterfly photos in nature on black background
Florida possesses a unique geography with a number of distinct climates and ecosystems. As we thought about how diverse our own Palm Beach County is, we started thinking about some of the things that define Florida. We...
Snowman with red scarf next to small pine tree with caption Just Dreaming
Palm Beach has seen a month of record-setting high temperatures, the past four weeks bringing only 5 days under 90℉. The average high has been 92℉, with seven days of 95℉ +! With that in mind, we are dreaming of ways...
Neon aqua and yellow striped fish swim around ocean wreck
Sea-ing life clearly is easy when you are in Palm Beach. Our 47-miles of coastline are crystal clear, warm and teeming with sea life. The Atlantic Ocean is wide open with opportunities at beach parks up and down the...