Front of historic 1916 Palm Beach County courthouse with three-story columns
Back in October, we blogged about a fascinating exhibit at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County titled Shipwreck: Discovering Lost Treasures. Have you visited yet? If not, we highly recommend a field trip to...
Jupiter lighthouse uplit with navy blue night sky as backdrop
Like the ebb and flow of the tides, the full moon is a constant that inspires awe month in and month out. Inspired to gaze from a different angle? Maybe a height of 105 feet up in the night sky? Visit the Jupiter Inlet...
Ancient coral rock towering on both sides of narrow road in Palm Beach
What North End landmark was granted protected status as a historic district by the Town of Palm Beach in 1987? 1) Coral Cut 2) Inlet Dock 3) The Vicarage 4) La Querida The correct response is Coral Cut. Located...