Looking up at tall Rainbow Eucalyptus tree with orange, red, yellow and purple striped bark
Palm Beach County’s tropical climate means green, lots of green, (landscape, that is!) If you missed the Exotic Plant & Orchid Sale in September (things were a bit steamy), you will definitely want to check out this...
Black and white photo of Mediterranean style building with vines growing on it
What architectural style was Palm Beach architect Belford Shoumate most known for? 1) Modernism 2) Cubism 3) Mediterranean 4) Italianate The correct answer is Modernism which favors a linear, masculine, hard-lined...
Red, yellow and brown gourmet waffle cones lie on white plate with scoops of ice cream on bed of strawberries, peaches and blueberries
You may wonder how one goes from real estate attorney to gourmet ice cream maker. If you are local resident Rick Felberbaum, the answer is, well, proper. The decision to leave a career in law to pursue his passion for...