Gray bearded man works on small house of palm fronds on stilts circa 1895
The first pioneers to settle Palm Beach didn’t have the convenience of a lumber or building supply store when they constructed their first homes. In fact, there wasn’t even a general store. Instead they found dense...
Room features Pink Himalayan salt wall backlit with two massage tables
Is the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations giving you heart palpitations? Are you contemplating running away and not coming back until 2019? Just breathe…we have a better solution to help you manage your seasonal...
White table with gold and silver confetti and wish list on pad of paper
Is your holiday shopping complete? Here are some great ideas on our Palm Beach Holiday wish list: Zip it: with this 33480 Zip Code accent pillow from Rani Arabella. The cat's out of the bag: and on your arm with this...